This Passenger Locator Form is to be filled in by passengers arriving to the State from overseas. The information you provide may be used to contact you in the next 14 days for the purposes of verifying the details given on this form and to provide you with public health advice. This form may also be used for the purposes of contact tracing in relation to confirmed or suspected cases of Covid-19.

If you have not done so already please read the information on the Passenger Locator Form at

Please note that the ‘Green List’ is updated periodically and the health advice associated with the country from which you are entering Ireland may change. It is your responsibility to ensure that you follow the most up to date advice by visiting when entering into Ireland.

If the country you arrive from is:

• not on the ‘Green List’ when you arrive in Ireland, you are requested to self-restrict your movements for 14 days;

• on the ‘Green List’ when you arrive in Ireland, normal precautions apply. 

If you are travelling with an essential purpose as defined by Council Recommendation 2020/1475, see for relevant advice.